The Doggie Castle is the best. They really care about you dogs. It's a great place to leave your dog while your at work. They get the best care you could ask for. My dog Casey has been going for almost 7 years now. Maria is the best. Its not just a business for her. She cares from her heart.

Charles Fillmore

My Bailey says it best when we are pulling in to the doggie castle. Tail starts wagging and the shrieking begins. Don't know what I'd do without Maria and the Doggie Castle. So far it's been six years of fun and love for my baby. Thanks Doggie Castle!!!!!

Melanie Adams Anzalone

There are really no words to describe this wonderful haven for man's best friend. Our dog Ronin loves the days he is going to school as we call it......ask him if he wants to go see Auntie Maria at school and he goes crazy. At Doggie Castle your furry family member is happy, safe, well cared for and LOVED.....the absolute best place ever!

Denise Rochon Stripinis

We've been coming to the Doggie Castle for nine years and think so highly of the care our Danby has received. Not only has he had a loving place to play with other dogs, and get a fantastic haircut, but they have also spotted medical issues before we have which has allowed us to get timely treatment. Truly a wonderful place for your furry family member!

Debra Shepard Nelson

I've had pets for years and used to think daycare for dogs was a ridiculous money making scheme that appealed only to crazy people with nothing better to do than indulge their pets. And then we rescued Chaz, our incredibly lovable but hyperactive yellow lab. Although our family had lots of energy and loved playing with him, it quickly became clear that work and school took to much time away from our pooch's activity needs and when we got home he needed tons attention and hours of activity! Rather than give up work, school, Chaz, or our sanity, I decided to at least make an informed choice and check out a few daycares. Like Doggie Castle, many (but not all) were clean and many (though not all) had spacious facilities where pups could romp and play safely.

Only at Doggie Castle, however, did I feel like Chaz would be truly cared about and played with by the staff, so I decided to do a trial run. That "trial run" has lasted about seven years. Chaz has benefited so much from the additional socialization and activity! He loves that people will play ball with him all day (except at nap time of course!), and he gets so excited to see his friends when we pull in the parking lot.

Last year, during an extended ball playing outing at home, he injured his knee, requiring surgery and a lengthy rehab. Maria has checked in a number of times on his progress and compassionately shared her own similar experiences with her dogs. He's finally been given the "ok" from the vet to return to daycare and we're looking forward to returning!

I could go on and on about how attentive, caring, knowledgeable, and health/safety conscious Maria is, but this is already too long so I'll just end by saying that its been worth every penny!

Christy Adams McNaney

We originally chose the Doggie Castle due to its location near our Cromwell home. We have since realized our choice has been rewarding for other great reasons as well. Rick and Maria at the Doggie Castle provide our 10-month-old yellow lab/golden retriever mix, Lucy, an opportunity for socialization and exercise with other great doggie friends. The Doggie Castle provides us the comfort of knowing our Lucy is well cared for during our long days at work. Rick and Maria provide Lucy with an extra personal touch with items such as personalized food bowls and parking spaces during our attendance to the wonderful nighttime obedience classes offered at the Castle. Lucy is absolutely exhausted after a long day of daycare. We recommend the Doggie Castle to any pet owner that sees the benefits of doggie daycare in a trusted neighborhood facility. We sure do!

Amy and Jim Kowalski

I am writing to let you know how happy I am that I found out about The Doggie Castle soon after I got my chow puppy. Since she is a chow, I am trying to make sure she gets as much socialization and introduction to different things, as I can, while she is still a puppy. Chows are great dogs, but without the right training when they are young, they tend to become too territorial and too protective.

Since Dakota started going to The Doggie Castle, she is not only tired at the end of the visit, she has also improved her playing skills. Specifically, we have seen the elimination of her attempts to be the dominant dog. Instead, she regularly plays with dogs in an appropriate manner. This was even noticed by the puppy training instructor at PetSmart after Dakota's 3 rd or 4 th visit to The Doggie Castle.

 The best compliment I can give regarding your service is that Dakota is excited to get there when we arrive and, although excited to see me when I come to pick her up, she will readily try to go back in, if I give her the chance.

I am also very pleased about your boarding service. My husband and I are taking a cruise over the holidays. We considered and made different arrangements for Dakota, but repeatedly came to the conclusion that she was likely to be traumatized by our departure unless we found the perfect solution. The Doggie Castle was the only answer to our problem. Now I know she will be at a place that she loves, with her friends - both human and canine. In addition, I know that she will play all day and, thus, sleep all night.

Susan Chetwin

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