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The Doggie  Doggie Daycare & Spa, Cromwell, CT

Answers to Your Doggie Daycare Questions

We encourage socialization at our doggie daycare facility
What about dog fights?
The key is prevention. We do not accept aggressive dogs. Our thorough interview process screens for aggression. If an accepted dog exhibits unacceptable behavior, the dog is given a timeout and the owner is informed. We will then work with the owner to resolve the problem or the dog will be removed from daycare. Dog's behavior is unpredictable but our staff is constantly watching for signs of potential fights. We use our deep voice to interrupt rough play and then remove the offending dog. The dog who ends up with the nicked ear, pulled hair, or puncture is usually the aggressor. Many owners are surprised to hear that their dog's behavior is very different when they are not around. We will handle all dog conflicts to the best of our ability. Remember, dogs are not playing monopoly at the daycare. They are wrestling with teeth and claws like all normal dog play. Conflicts are not a common occurrence but a couple times a year some dog will get evicted for inappropriate behavior to prevent possible future fights.

Where does my dog go to the bathroom ?
We have an outdoor area, which is free access for the dogs. It has a large pea stone area.

What if my dog fails the interview or is evicted from daycare?
This does happen but it's not the end of the world. I built the daycare for my dogs. We do what's best for all our dogs. If your dog fails the interview, it doesn't mean we don't love your dog. This unique environment may just be too overwhelming. Some dogs just need a little training and socialization before coming to daycare, ask the trainer.

What about naptime?
Most dogs, like to find a place to crash out when they are tired. If your dog is a puppy who won't take naps or an older dog who needs be alone to rest, we have nap areas.

What about water?
There is water available at all times to all dogs. We have several automatic water delivery bowls. The bowls are stainless steel. These supply a constant flow of FRESH clean water. The bowls are also removed and sanitized several times a day

What if my dog is injured or gets sick?
If this occurs, you will be notified immediately if the problem is severe. If the problem is minor, you will be notified when you pickup. If vet care is needed, we will transport your dog to the closest vet. All medical costs will be assumed BY YOU. Please refer to our waiver for more details. Remember that even normal dog play may result in some type of injury. It is not a common occurrence but it can happen. Just like a child can fall and trip during recess and bust out a tooth. It just may happen. All injuries and illnesses are prevented to the BEST of our ability. We love all dogs and have dog proofed our facility as well as can be.

A dog settling down for a nap
We provide plenty of things for dogs to play with in daycare.
Socialization at its best
Dogs of all breeds and sizes welcome!
Plenty of comfortable rest areas for the daycare dogs
Dogs in daycare have a lot of opportunities to socialize

Your Dog Must Be Evaluated Before Starting Daycare

Please visit our requirements page to learn about the application process and rules and regulations. If you have other unanswered questions, feel free to send us a message.